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After the invention of printers it quickly became the most important part for corporations and for small households. Even at home printers are used for practical purposes, for example for art projects, printing assignments, etc.

However, as all new technological inventions, the facts about the printers can be bright and fun at the same time. Our company presents you interesting facts about printers.


  • Laser printer cartridges heat up to 205 degrees.
  • The cartridges are moving so rapidly that the paper can’t be burned.
  • You use about 4 liters of oil each time you charge the cartridges.
  • Laser printers spend more energy than your notebook (you probably think that your laser printer is less power consumed than your desktop computer due to its large size, but that is wrong. The laser printer consumes 3 times more power than the laptop.)
  • Cartridges, which are useless, viewed as a great threat to the environment. Although about 70 percent of the printer cartridge can be recycled, most of them are considered as garbage, as their users are throwing them away.
  • If you think your recently purchased printer is compact, you have no idea about the smaller printer in the world.
  • The smallest printer is known as the PrintStik and measures 1 inches x 2 inches x 11 inches. It connects with Bluetooth and also allows you to print with your phone. Moreover, this printer is built up with 20 sheets. PrintStik is produced by Planon Company.
  • The larges printer in the world is 12 x 50 meters.
  • Printers can also print the products.

Printers can be used for printing food and you can eat. These types of printers are known as 3D printers.

3D printers can be used not only for printing foods, but also for weapons, clothing, jewelry and even artificial dentures that are used in medical area.

NASA even plans to produce an innovative 3D printers to help astronauts for building shelters and tools.