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Macroscop is a global provider of an Open-Platform Video Management Software (VMS) with the added strong intelligence of video analytics and network video recorders (NVR).

2008 company founded

18 Video Analytics

5 000+ camera models compatible + ONVIF, + PSIA

10 min time required for installation and configuration

23 000+ projects done

300 000+ cameras operating on Eocortex VMS

5 000+partners in the world


$0cost of technical support

$0 cost of personnel training and certification

$0 pre-sale service cost for your projects

$0cost of all Eocortex VMS updates


Macroscop VMS Capabilities


  • Quick Installation

No special admin orprogramming skills are required.

Initial installation andsetup regularly take no more than 10 minutes.


  • User-friendly Functional Interface

The Macroscop IP camera software is simple to use and easy to learn.

Its advanced functionality means the system can be configured in a bespoke way to answer individual operational needs.


  • Easy-to-use Navigation

Macroscop offers users several ways to view cameras on the system.

One of which is the flexible planning tools that allow users to move among cameras at multiple locations by uploading a map and placing cameras on to the plan.




Video Analytics

  • Smoke and Fire Detection

To detect smoke and fire in camera field of view.

  • Face Recognition

To arrange for controlled automated access of persons to the premises

  • PTZ camera control

To pan, tilt, zoom, and control a camera

  • People Counting

To perform visitor counting

  • License Plate Recognition

To arrange for controlled automated access of cars to the premises

  • Heat Map

To monitor routes of moving and stopping of visitors, evaluate people flow intensity

  • Crowd Monitoring

To count people in a crowd, to notify about crossing of a preset threshold

  • People Counting in Queue

To count people in a line, to notify about crossing of a preset threshold

  • Fisheye dewarping

To view expanded panorama or panorama split into 2 or 4 frames

  • Face Detection

To detect a face and enter it into a database

  • Suspect Search

To track movement of a person among the cameras, to search for a suspect in the archive

  • Sabotage detection

To detect camera sabotage or faults

  • Personnel Monitoring

To monitor presence and activity of personnel on their workplace

  • Failover

To ensure uninterrupted video stream and recording to archive, notwithstanding force majeurfactors

  • Tracking

To perform perimeter control of selected area, border, or line

  • Audio Stream Processing

To record and transmit sound in both directions

  • Abandoned Object Detection

To detect an abandoned object and find a person who left it

  • Loud Sound Detection

To register noise level surpassing the preset limit

  • Hard Hats Detection

To detect, register and notify presence of people not wearing hard hats

  • 3D People Counting

To perform precision visitor counting