Closed Circuit Television and
video surveillance in Yerevan

The installation of video surveillance

The installation

of video surveillance in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is becoming an increasingly relevant and effective measure to ensure security. In today's world, ensuring security and control over events on your territory is becoming increasingly important. Modern technologies allow us to monitor what is happening in real time and provide a level of security that could not even be dreamed of several decades ago. Here we will look at why installing CCTV from Sahak Service in Yerevan is an important step for residents and businesses, and what benefits it brings.

Installing video surveillance in Yerevan is an investment in security and control. It not only helps prevent crime and promote safety, but also improves quality of life. Thanks to modern technologies, residents of Yerevan can feel more secure and confident in the future.

Video surveillance for business

We provide professional services for the installation of modern video surveillance systems in Yerevan, allowing real-time monitoring of the situation in an office, warehouse or sales area. Our high-quality cameras and intelligent analytics systems provide you with reliable protection and the ability to quickly respond to any situation. Trust the professionals to create a safe and secure environment for your business.

Video surveillance for home

Keep your home safe with our modern video surveillance in Yerevan. Our reliable systems give you real-time visibility into what's happening around your home. High-quality cameras and ease of operation make our video surveillance the ideal solution for protecting your home. Create a safe environment for your family with our professional video surveillance solutions.

Video surveillance for government agencies

Provide reliable protection for government agencies in Yerevan with our modern video surveillance systems. We offer professional solutions, ensuring a high level of security and control. Our smart cameras and analytics technologies provide an effective monitoring solution for public spaces. Trust our experience in government video surveillance and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.

Video surveillance in public places

Ensure the safety of public places in Yerevan with our professional installation of CCTV systems. We provide reliable solutions that provide continuous monitoring and control in real time. Our smart cameras and advanced technology ensure effective security for visitors and staff. Protect important public areas with our professional CCTV installation services.
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Advantages of installing video surveillance:

  1. Increased security level. One of the key benefits of installing video surveillance in Yerevan is increasing public and private security. Cameras placed on the streets, in residential buildings, offices and other objects allow you to monitor the situation in real time and respond to possible incidents. This creates confidence that your loved ones and property are under reliable protection.
  2. Prevention and investigation of crimes. Video surveillance systems help in preventing crimes and documenting them. If an incident occurs, camera footage can be used as evidence to investigate and bring those responsible to justice. This reduces crime and improves safety in the city.
  3. Resource optimization. Installing video surveillance allows you to use resources more efficiently. Business owners and city officials can monitor employees, transportation, public spaces, and other facilities to optimize their performance and provide better service to the public.
  4. Improving quality of life. Installing video surveillance also helps improve the quality of life of Yerevan residents. By controlling traffic, public events and public spaces, the city becomes more comfortable and safe for all its residents and visitors.

Stages of installing video surveillance in Yerevan

  • Needs analysis. The first step is a needs analysis. It is necessary to determine which areas require surveillance, what camera and equipment parameters are needed, and what infrastructure will provide maximum efficiency.
  • Selection of equipment. At this stage, cameras, data storage systems, software and other equipment suitable for video surveillance purposes are selected.
  • System design. System design includes developing a camera layout, calculating power and network resources, and selecting installation locations.
  • Installation and configuration. Once the design is completed, the installation and configuration phase of the equipment begins. This includes installing cameras, connecting networks and configuring software.
  • Training and service. After installing the system, it is recommended to train the personnel responsible for monitoring and maintaining video surveillance. Regular maintenance and updating of equipment is also important for the long-term effectiveness of the system.
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Installing CCTV will provide control and security, keeping your company running smoothly.

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We provide advanced technologies to reliably monitor and protect your assets.

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Keep your spaces safe and controlled with our professional video surveillance solutions.

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Our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and offer the optimal solution. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and long interruptions in work.

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Our service center provides a guarantee for its services and replacement parts. You can be sure that the job is done correctly.

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important data and files on your laptop or computer can be kept safe. Our experts ensure careful handling of information.

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Attempting repairs at your own risk often leads to a worsening situation. Specialists avoid classic mistakes and use specialized equipment when repairing laptops.
In a world where security is of utmost importance, a professional CCTV system is a must.


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