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Computer service in Yerevan: laptop and computer repair

Professional laptop and computer repair services

Sahak Service company in Yerevan provides professional laptop and computer repair services with a guarantee of quality and reliability. When your laptop or computer fails, it can cause downtime and inconvenience. In such situations, it is important to contact a reliable computer service that can quickly and efficiently carry out repairs.

Elevate your computer's performance with professional services from Sahak Service in Yerevan. Our experienced technicians deliver top-notch computer and laptop repair services. Specializing in swift issue resolution, data recovery, and hardware upgrades, we prioritize reliability and efficiency. For unparalleled computer service and repair in Yerevan, trust our skilled team. Restore your device's productivity – contact us for quality computer maintenance and repair.

What our computer service offers:

Comprehensive diagnostics

Ensure long-term reliability of your device with our comprehensive diagnostic service. Our computer workshop's professional technicians will conduct a thorough analysis of the hardware and software components of your computer or laptop. Modern equipment and high qualifications allow us to quickly identify and solve any problems. Get a detailed report on the health of your device and recommendations for improving performance. Sign up for a comprehensive diagnostic now to ensure your equipment always works at its maximum potential. Trust us for long-term trouble-free operation of your computer or laptop!

Cleaning laptops from dust

Increase your laptop's performance with our professional dust cleaning service. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly clean internal components, including fans and heat sinks. This will not only improve the cooling of your device, but also extend its lifespan. We use specialized tools to prevent damage and ensure your laptop is treated with care. Forget about overheating and failures! Book your laptop cleaning today and enjoy maximum performance from your device.

Replacing hard drives (HDD or SSD)

Speed up your computer with our professional hard drive replacement service. We offer painless data migration and installation of new HDDs or SSDs with minimal downtime. Our skilled technicians ensure the safety of your files by providing reliable storage upgrade solutions. Replacing an HDD with an SSD provides performance benefits, and a professional hard drive replacement ensures smooth operation of your device. Trust us to ensure your PC is ready for new challenges. Make an appointment for a hard drive replacement today and get a reliable upgrade for your hardware!

Cleaning viruses, installing antiviruses

Keep your computer safe with our virus cleaning and antivirus software installation services. Our experienced technicians will thoroughly scan and remove malware, ensuring the safety of your data. We offer quick and effective solutions for cleaning your computer from viruses, as well as installing reliable antiviruses to prevent re-infection. Make your system secure and stable with our help. Schedule a virus cleaning and antivirus installation today to keep your computer running safely and efficiently.

Windows 10, Windows 11 installation

Upgrade your PC with our Windows 10 or Windows 11 installation service. Our experienced technicians ensure a quick and hassle-free operating system reinstallation, giving your device new features and optimal performance. We offer professional solutions for installing Windows 10 and Windows 11, including saving your data and transferring programs. Trust us for a worry-free updated operating system. Schedule a Windows 10 or Windows 11 installation today to bring your PC to new levels of efficiency and functionality.

Installation of MS Office - Word, Excel, Outlook

Power your work with professional tools with our MS Office installation service. Our qualified technicians ensure the correct installation of Word, Excel, Outlook and other Office applications. We provide not only the installation of Office, but also the customization of each application to suit your needs. Get maximum productivity with powerful tools for working with documents, email, and spreadsheets. Sign up to install MS Office right now to make your work more efficient and convenient, supported by reliable and up-to-date versions of the programs.

Solving individual problems

Our team is ready to solve any individual IT problems. We offer professional services for computer repair, setting up local networks, installing video surveillance and access systems. Whether you need a comprehensive appliance repair or a CCTV security deployment, our experts can provide customized solutions. Trust us to provide a competent and efficient approach to your IT needs. Sign up now to start working on your projects and tasks.
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Computer service

Sahak Service offers a wide range of computer service services, including diagnostics, maintenance, repair and PC setup. Our experienced technicians have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of computers of various brands and models, and are ready to quickly and accurately solve any problems with your device.

Laptop repair

Laptop malfunctions can slow down your work and corrupt your data. Sahak Service provides comprehensive laptop repair services: from component replacement to motherboard repair. We guarantee effective restoration of the functionality of your laptop.

Computer repair

Whether it's problems with the hard drive, system overheating or software glitches, Sahak Service provides a full range of computer repair services of any complexity. Our technicians professionally diagnose and fix problems, ensuring high-quality repairs for your computer.

Why Sahak Service?

Saving time and money

Our technicians can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem and offer the optimal solution. This allows you to avoid unnecessary costs and long interruptions in work.

Quality assurance

Our service center provides a guarantee for its services and replacement parts. You can be sure that the job is done correctly.

Data Security

important data and files on your laptop or computer can be kept safe. Our experts ensure careful handling of information.

Avoiding self-activity

Attempting repairs at your own risk often leads to a worsening situation. Specialists avoid classic mistakes and use specialized equipment when repairing laptops.
Don't put off repairs until later. When your equipment needs restoration, turn to professionals. We are ready to help you get your equipment back up and running. Contact us today and give your computer or laptop a second chance!


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