• Urgent departure
    Urgent departure
    We will promptly arrive at your site and will be able to quickly complete all work.
  • 18 years on the market
    18 years on the market
    Extensive experience gives us an advantage and our clients confidence in the results.
  • 6,000+ satisfied clients
    6,000+ satisfied clients
    You can become one of our favorite customers.

Sahak Service is your IT consultant

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    Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

    We provide advanced security solutions for your business and home. Installing high quality IP cameras, storage and monitoring systems gives you control over your environment when it really matters.
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    Access Control Systems (ACS)

    Our team of experts will help you install and configure an access control system, ensuring security and convenience for your business. We offer readers, biometric solutions and security integration.
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    Setting up Local Networks

    We build reliable and scalable network infrastructures that provide seamless connectivity between your devices and systems. Your business depends on a reliable network to run efficiently.
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    Laptop and Computer Service

    Our experienced technicians are ready to bring your equipment back to life. We solve hardware and software problems, providing fast and reliable repair services.
We take pride in helping our clients ensure the security, reliability and efficiency of their information systems. Contact us today and give us the opportunity to become your trusted partner in the world of technology.
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